We have listed below questions you should ask before choosing a home care agency.

If your question is not answered here or you prefer to speak to a person please call us Toll Free at 1-888-578-9890.


How does the agency ensure patient confidentiality?

Loving Kindness Healthcare services consider patient confidentiality a serious issue and take great care to ensure our patient’s privacy is secure. We keep access to patient files and information limited to key staff members and all patient files are stored in secured, undisclosed locations. See our Privacy Statement (this should probably be a link) for more information.

What is the Patient’s Bill of Rights, and does the company provide it?

The Patient’s Bill of Rights is a description of the rights and responsibilities of both the agency and the consumer being cared for and it is freely available at our office locations and on our website. A copy of the Patient’s Bill of Rights is also provided once the Service Agreement is signed.

Where can I find more information on your costs and services?

Our brochures, pamphlets, fliers and booklets provide information on our costs and services and are available at our offices in Pittsburgh, PA: 155 North Craig Street Suite 160 Pittsburgh, Pa 15213 412.578.9890 Or Jonesboro, GA: 118 North Avenue Suite J Jonesboro, GA 30236 404.815.2961

How long has the agency been servicing the community?

Loving Kindness Healthcare Systems was incorporated in 2009 and founded on over 70 years of experience.

Would care services begin immediately? If not, how long is the wait?

Our services begin as soon as the Services Agreement is signed and a plan of care can be written. We do our best to begin services as soon as possible.

How does the agency decide what services are needed or not needed over time?

Our RN and Service Coordinators work directly with the patients’ doctor in order to optimize patient care. We work according to the doctor’s orders for your care and make sure to provide any extra care as the situation dictates.

How often are services available?

Loving Kindness Healthcare Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services are available as private duty or in personal care facilities.

What care services does it provide?

Loving Kindness Healthcare Services provides a number of home care services to provide the best care for our patients. Our services include:
  • in home
  • respite
  • personal
  • companionship
  • housekeeping

Is this a Home Care Agency licensed by the state?

Yes, Listed below is the state by state licensing information for Loving Kindness Healthcare Systems.
Pennsylvania Georgia
Home Care Agency/Registry: #17803601 Health Care Facility: #04030501 Personal Care: #060-R-0775


Does the staff receive ongoing training?

Our employees are required to participate and pass monthly trainings and orientations covering the following areas:
  • Confidentiality
  • Consumer control and the independent living philosophy
  • Instrumental activities of daily living
  • Recognizing changes in the consumer that need to be addressed
  • Basic infection control
  • Universal precautions
  • Handling of emergencies
  • Documentation
  • Recognizing and reporting abuse or neglect
  • Dealing with difficult behaviors. Bathing, shaving, grooming and dressing
  • Hair, skin and mouth care
  • Assistance with ambulation and transferring
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Toileting
  • Assistance with self-administered medications

Does the agency have a supervisor available to provide on call assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

YES, LKHS provides a supervisor available for on call assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I choose a staff member to provide care for me or my loved one? Can I request a different care giver to provide care if I am unhappy with the one the agency has sent me?

LKHS will work closely with the client to ensure that the staff assigned to their care is the proper fit.

What is the procedure if a staff member doesn’t show up?

If a staff member is unavailable for work a replacement will be temporarily staffed with the client. LKHS is sure to notify the client of all staff changes to ensure quality services. In the event a staff member unexpectedly misses work, LKHS will immediately provide care through the nearest available qualified staff or through staff supervisor.

How does the agency manage shifts? Do the same staff members attend to a client, or do they rotate among different clients?

Loving Kindness Healthcare Systems tries to maintain a comfortable level of familiarity between its staff and clients. Due to any number of circumstances it may be necessary to rotate or replace a staff member in order to ensure that the client’s needs are met. We make our best effort to introduce consumers to the individual primarily assigned to their services as well as a substitute that will remain on call to fill in for the primary care giver when necessary. We hope that this strengthens our commitment to provide services without interruption and prevent consumers from having to invite perfect strangers into their homes.

Does the agency conduct background checks on all staff members?

Criminal and child abuse background checks are performed on every staffed employee. Credit and driving history background checks are performed on staffed employees depending on the nature of their work.

How many years of experience does an average employee have, and how long have they been with the agency?

Many of our staff members have been in service in the home health care field for at least 2 years. Those among our staff new to the home health care field are given lighter workloads and simpler cases and gradually work up as they gain experience.

What kind of staffing does the agency have available?

Loving Kindness Healthcare Services staffs:
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Physical / Speech / Occupational Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Social Workers
  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Home Health Aides
  • Personal Care Aides
  • Homemaker


How often does the agency bill for costs? Does it bill Medicare or the insurance company directly?

LKHS bills as often as necessary. LKHS employs the services of an established billing company to process all of its cost claims.

When did the agency last increase its costs and by how much?

Our costs haven’t increased since the company’s original date of incorporation in 2009.

Does the agency reduce fees for people who can’t pay for all of their care themselves? Is there a sliding fee schedule based on ability to pay, and is financial assistance available to pay for services?

LKHS works hard to ensure that all who need services can receive them. We pledge to do our best to make every accommodation possible to ensure that services are provided for regardless of the patient's financial constraints.

Are there deposits, fees, or any extra costs besides those charged for each service?

All costs are outlined in the service agreement signed.  Any additional costs will be renegotiated when necessary. Any costs not agreed to in the contract will be paid in full by LKHS.

Is the agency certified to be paid by Medicare and Medicaid?

LKHS is able to bill Medicaid and is currently in the process of obtaining its Medicare license.


Is there a written plan of care for each client? Are clients and family members involved in creating and reviewing it?

Yes. Our care givers work with you, your physician, and/or family to ensure that the highest level of care is provided, and we encourage the client and their family members to be involved in its creation.

How often does staff communicate with family members and by what means (written, phone, email, etc.)?

The agency will use every method available to it provided by the client. LKHS will always attempt to contact family members by phone or in person if possible. Emails will be used for less urgent matters of your family members care.

Does the agency provide written job descriptions so clients know what duties to expect from the staff?

Yes. Job descriptions are available upon request or online. (This can be turned into a link too.)

Is the agency inspected by an outside organization? When was the last inspection? Are inspection reports available? Is the agency’s quality of care certified by a national accrediting body such as the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations?

LKHS is in full compliance with the State of Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Div. of Home Health as a Licensed Home Care Agency and Home Health Agency. LKHS is in full compliance with the State of Georgia Dept. of Community Health to provide Personal Care and Companion Services. Proof of compliance is available on request.

Does the agency have references or satisfaction reports for itself and staff?

Yes. References are available upon request and testimonials are available.

Is there a contract I can review before making a decision?

Service agreements are made available to the client before the services begin. We strongly encourage all potential clients to make sure you understand everything in the contract and ask questions concerning any parts of the agreement that are unclear to you.

Are all cost and payment expectations in writing?

Yes, all cost and payment expectations are written out in the service agreement.

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